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Cork tiles, the affordable soundproofing material. When building or remodeling, important factors come into play, especially if it involves acoustics. Consumers looking at the various options and working on a budget, want a material that will not only enhance the décor make a comfortable space as well. Look no further, cork tiles as a soundproofing material is the way to go. Affordable, durable and a natural sound inhibitor, few others can beat its soundproofing abilities.

Cork is a renewable resource in a way no other wood flooring option can claim. The bark is the product used, peeled by hand in sheets and no tree is killed as a result of the harvesting. The trees remain and the bark regenerates. In fact these trees live up to nearly 200 years and regenerate over a period of nine years before the next harvest. Want a sustainable product, then use environmental friendly cork flooring to beautify your home at affordable prices

Cold winters and hot summers and your stuck in the middle. But what if you can find a flooring option that helps keep your home ambient without the big bills. Well it’s here. Cork. Yep as a flooring material it’s a great addition to any home. Because this great option also works as a natural thermal barrier. Put cork on your wall Panels, feel the warmth.

We are a direct to you distributor of quality cork wall Panels. When choosing our cork floor from us, you can rest assured that you are getting quality cork. Head over today and order your free samples

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Turn down the outside, reduce the noise inside with cork wall panels in your home today. The structure of cork is such that it is comprised of tightly packed cells, and these air filled chambers give cork some pretty unique properties. One of the properties is insulation against noise and temperature changes. Sound penetration is reduced when applied as a wall panel, keeping a room like a home office quiet, tranquil. Install cork and hear…the silence.

Cancork Floor Inc
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