420ft2 - Single Female Needing Safe Accomidation july-dec2019 (Edmonton)


cats are OK - purrr

I need a room and a bathroom to use as my dwelling while I seek employment (elsewhere.)

I am in my mid thirties, i am an animal lover (have 1. Grey and white cat and one Betta fish!)

I am an online sales rep whom works from my phone and laptop.

I would need a strong Wi-Fi connection and, ht/h2o/pwr included in my part of the rent.

I do NOT!: party all night (I am a night owl though, I just feel I produce more "A-Team" effort when the night falls around me!.) not smoke excessively (i smoke ciggarettes and somedays when i find"the good sh*t!" i do smoke like half a Joint then crawl into the fridge and then into a coma for the remainder of the night or day!) do illegal drugs, also i dont like having many friends over, or play music loud enough for the people next door to complain about!

I only Rarely Ever have: drinks w/friends at my place, smoke weed daily, watch t.v. or, have people stay overnight (if I do, they know 'My Rules.') they respect my home and or all whom live there. And are gone when I leave lol!

My ideal place: living with a friendly person up or downstairs whom isn't going to be set off by my lifestyle, my own private bathroom, and or Parking for 1 car night and day and, own entrance. But we dont live in an ideal world in my opinion.

So if i must ill make due with: fully shared accommodation, i MUST have my own bedroom. I will rarely ever need the kitchen or a garage, since all of my belongings are about the size of a storage LOCKER (small amount sadly!)

I enjoy these most often: Music of all kinds not so much gospel but hey there are rarities that might pop up randomly!, i love animals, i have a personal permanent cohabitational limit of three pets! I try keep my fur babies as long as i can! I do not want to give my animals up at all. I like organization and i am a bit of an Dco or ocd lol!
I also love ordering really bad food late at night when i am bored or hungry lol, i use bad language. But who the f*ck really cares!?... Which brings me to say!: I do NOT want to live with Kids... Im sorry i have lost many things in my life and the biggest most important being my family, I want to be living in an adult only house. Its too soon to be reminded of how much i needed to be there and of the love. I am a bit of a lone wolf most days, i do not trust easily but if i am living with you, please be trustworthy and i will maintain that aspect as well. (Dont f*ck with mine, and yours won't have a problem!)

Anything else? Just ask directly and remember my answers pleaassee!? cause i don't want to always have to tell someone something that i knew they have been updated on.!
I also am in search of my 2nd ever outside of my home job (but of course..,online!) so that comes to the fact that, yes!- I am a homebody, i only like being in my own zone and almost always alone accept when i go and visit family or the few friends i have. Anywho. Thanks for reading, i mostly wrote all of this cauae i was bored waiting for emails that came about an hr ago. Lol!

Adieu,bye, asta lavista, and see you later.., maybe!?!

Sincerely, Miss.Harmony Jackson
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